About this blog

This is the “CoDeS Case Domžale” blog, titled:

Tending the school vegetable garden and promoting it locally

This blog describes the case of a school community collaboration for ESD developed in Domžale, Slovenia. This is one of the cases collected within the frame of Comenius Network CoDeS.


The key purpose of education for sustainability (ESD) in Domžale primary school is to enable our pupils the best possible field lectures in the immediate school surroundings, which we are therefore constantly trying to design along the lines of sustainable development. The focal point of the “open-airclassroom” is the school vegetable garden. By cultivating it, the pupils directly learn the basics of manual labour, laws of nature pertaining to cultivating man-made ecosystems, and observing growth and development of plants, while also giving deeper meaning to self-sufficiency and cultivating healthy produce which they then use as ingredients in different dishes. We are actively trying to incorporate ESD on all levels in curriculum, cultivating the school garden is therefore vertically incorporated into most of the school curriculum’s natural science topics.


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